Going To Jane

As the highly anticipated wedding day approached, filled with excitement and anticipation, Jane’s parents diligently packed their bags, ensuring they were prepared for the joyous occasion. Eagerly, they greeted Tom, warmly embracing him, and expressing their affection through the exchange of a thoughtful gift.

However, as they embarked on the journey to Jane and Tom’s home, the atmosphere subtly shifted. Inquisitive by nature, Jane’s parents curiously delved into an array of questions, desiring to know more about the life and experiences of the soon-to-be-married couple.

The Confrontation

During the conversation, they curiously inquired about Tom’s job and his life prior to meeting Jane. It was blatantly evident that Tom, with his hesitations and constant fumbling, found it incredibly challenging to provide satisfactory answers to Jane’s mother’s persistent inquiries.

With her assertive nature intact, she continued to probe further, determined to uncover the truth that lay hidden beneath Tom’s carefully constructed facade. After several moments of intense deliberation, Tom finally succumbed to the mounting pressure and disclosed the long-awaited revelation, relieving the tension that had been building up in the room.


“I was living on the streets when I met Jane,” Tom eventually said, his voice filled with a mixture of vulnerability and resilience. Jane, who had watched the emotions play out on her parents’ faces, could see the initial disgust gradually shift to curiosity as they processed Tom’s words.

Her mother’s question hung in the air with a tone of judgment, revealing the worst of her skepticism. “Yes, I was homeless,” Tom replied, his steady gaze piercing through the walls built by society’s prejudices. “But now, I live with Jane, and our bond grows stronger every day as we navigate life together, even leading to our upcoming marriage.”

Taking Her Out

Luckily just as their conversation seemed to be reaching a critical point, their conversation was abruptly interrupted by the sound of their car pulling up to the house. Jane could feel her heart racing as she realized that the rest of her parent’s stay was going to be filled with nothing but tension and discomfort.

Every passing moment that she had the opportunity to be alone with her mother, Jane seized the chance to plead with her, desperately trying to convince her to reconsider marrying Tom. However, no matter how hard she tried or how passionately she expressed her concerns, it seemed as though her mother’s mind was already made up.

Sending Away

It eventually got so bad that Jane, overwhelmed by anxiety and doubts, made the difficult decision to send her parents back home the day before the long-awaited wedding. She didn’t want any negativity or tension to overshadow what was supposed to be the most joyful and memorable day of her life.

His tireless efforts and unwavering dedication to ensuring a memorable wedding day for their daughter showcased his unconditional love and commitment. In contrast, Jane’s mother’s behavior had been more problematic throughout the wedding preparations, adding an extra layer of difficulty and stress to the already challenging situation.

A Message That Wasn’t Expected

Months had flown by, and Jane and Tom were relishing every moment of their happily married life. Tom had seamlessly settled into Jane’s cozy abode, considering he had no place of his own. Ever the supportive partner, Jane wholeheartedly took on the dual role of a loving spouse and a helpful job-hunting ally.

Drawing her gaze, she saw a new text message notification on the screen, bearing the name of her long-estranged mother. It had been months, even years, since they last exchanged words, ever since that unforgettable day when her mother bid them farewell, leaving a void in Jane’s heart that time had failed to heal.