Anna Victoria! Along with being a fitness freak if you are also an Instagram user, you would have come across this name for sure. Victoria is a personal trainer who also gives valuable tips through the app he has founded named Body Love App. Unlike many fitness trainers who only concentrate on the body, she asks her followers to take care of their body, mind, and soul. Victoria’s Instagram is full of videos and images featuring her perfect body in athleisure. Besides those awe-inspiring pictures, Victoria also posts unedited photos of her that shows her belly rolls and cellulite. Here we are going to divulge the secret behind Victoria’s perfect body shape. She does these three moves that keep her in shape.

Plank And Dumbbell Shift

First, take the plank position. move downward on your arms and move the dumbbells from side to side by both the hand on a mat. Chances are that you would feel the urge to shift your body weight while taking the dumbbell up but resist from doing that and stay flat while putting feat on the floor. Do not forget to squeeze your glutes.

Cross Mountain Climbers

This is another exercise that she does regularly. All you have to do is to take push up position and lock your elbows with each other and be in a straight line from head to toe. Put your right foot in the air and near your right knee to your left shoulder. Get back to the beginning and do this again with the left foot. Make sure your core muscles are getting engaged in this exercise too.

Side Plank And Reach-Through

Side plank and reach- through move is not only easy to do but also very helpful in keeping your body fit and fine. In order to do this move, you should have dumbbell with you. Stay in the side plank position making a straight line from ankles to shoulder and be careful enough to not to let your hip go down.