When people get sexually involved they do not necessarily want kids. To avoid pregnancy, people resort to various birth control methods. But a lot of them could have serious side effects on a woman’s body and on the couple’s sex life. This article explores various birth control methods and what their side effects could be and what birth control methods should be preferred for a healthy body and lifestyle.

Human Existence And Birth Control

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The practice of preventing pregnancy dates back to the existence of humans. The information coming your way might sound gross to you but the Egyptian writings which date back to 1850 BC talk about birth control methods where a device made of crocodile dung and dough was placed inside a woman’s vagina. Plugs made of gum and honey were also used. Thankfully the things have changed.

How Unwanted Pregnancy Can Impede

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The timing and age of a pregnancy affect a woman as an individual- it effects her ability to attain her aims and is a part of her well being too. Keeping these factors in mind a woman might choose the birth control methods keeping in consideration these factors- risks, safety, ease, cost, etc. 

Types Of Birth Control

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There are numerous methods of birth control some of which are: Hormonal methods, Barrier devices, IUDs, Spermicides, Permanent, emergency contraception. Most of these can have serious side effects and a couple, especially a woman should be aware of those before choosing any one of these.

Birth Control Pills

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Oral contraceptives or what we know them as birth control pills have been in the US market for 56 years now. In the past 40 years or so the hormones like estrogen and progestin have changed in types in the pills. Birth control pills come in more than 30 different combinations in the US. The dosage should be taken by the prescription of doctors. These can have side effects too. 

Headaches And Migraine

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Headaches are known to be the most common side effects of birth control pills. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology records the 10% of women who use birth pills suffer from a migraine or headaches, especially in the first month. High- dosage of these pills is directly proportional to a spiking headache.

Low Sex Drive


Decreased sexual desire has been seen in women using oral contraceptives as an oral method. It is not THAT common but it has the chances of affecting a woman’s sex drive. Lee Sharma, a gynecologist from Auburn, AL said that she had only a few patients facing this. She said, “About 1 in 100 will report it.”