Toning and shaping of the bodies is not the only thing that takes place in the gyms. Of course, it is the primary goal and the reason why people come here in the first place. But sometimes things go unexpectedly and you end up becoming famous or infamous overnight.
Can’t understand what we are talking about? Check out this gym story that changed the lives of two people and not for good in both cases.

Gym World

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If you go to a gym, you know weird things happen there on a daily basis. Crossfit is still a thing, free pizzas are offered by planet fitness, people fight over petty things one of which could be one stranger getting angry on another for not deadlifting right. Yep, today we’ll show you the video that went viral in gyms across the nation and the world of lifting. 


A young man was attacked at the gym while lifting weights for being too loud.
Let’s begin at the beginning. As most of you must know deadlift is a weight training exercise, quite common as it is one of the basic exercises to build those muscles and gain strength along with bench press and squat. It works the arms, legs, shoulders, back, traps- what do you want to work? The deadlift works it.

The Noise

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While building these alpha bodies is goals, the deadlift exercise can just seem to have one side effect if you may call it. To execute the deadlift exercise properly one needs to bring the weights down to the floor as close as possible before leaving it and even then, when those iron plates hit the ground they tend to be a bit (alright, a lot) noisy. 

Irritated Members

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Obviously, no one likes loud noises unless it is an EDM or a death metal concert, especially at a place where you have come to exercise and focus on the body with undivided concentration. But nothing justifies what this gym member did with this teenager who was really just deadlifting, albeit loudly.

Planet Fitness Strictness
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Apparently, most gym goers are quite sensitive and deadlift has been awarded as the mood killer noise radiator of the gym world. Deadlift is so much of a villain that Planet Fitness does not permit deadlifting and not only that, they do not even have loose barbells! Oh come on, Planet Fitness, no one plans to play frisbee with those.

What Happened

A few days ago, a video, which is attached ahead, went viral. It triggered a fresh debate on the topic of deadlifting and touched a chord with all those associated with it. Within a few days, lawyers have been involved, apologies have been issued but nothing makes up for the fact that things could have gone terribly wrong.