Shannon Cooper is a health and wellness coach. She has been living on a Paleo diet for a very long time and when she gave birth to her daughter she decided to make her follow that diet too. Despite mass criticism, she continued putting her on that diet. Is it a  good decision or was going to lead her and her daughter in a big trouble? Well, things did change!

You Are What You Eat

paleoThe secret behind Shannon Cooper’s amazing body is her healthy eating habit. whoever stated that “you are what you eat” is absolutely right. Shannon Cooper very much believes in it. According to Shannon food, just like other thing has two aspects the positive and the negative one. It either work as a fuel or turns out a poison for the body if not used properly. 

 You Are What Your Food Ate

paleoSo, there is one more thing that Shannon believes in and that is ‘you are what you eat ate.” Did you know this lesser popular belief plays a very vital role in keeping you in shape? Not only what you eat makes an impact on you but also “what your food ate” has a part to play. For instance, Free kept hens lays eggs that have 19 times the Omega 3 content than the imprisoned ones. Same is the case with the free range cattle.     

A Shocking Decision

Shannon Cooper and Her Newborn Grace

Shannon Cooper has done her major in agricultural science. The subject is a branch of biology that specifically deals with the growth and treatment of plants that are consumed by humans. No need to say the knowledge she gained during her graduation helped her a lot in shaping her thoughts regarding the food. When Shannon gave birth to her baby girl named Grace, just like every other mother she decided to give her baby the best and healthiest life. However, her idea of healthiest lifestyle was different a big time from other mothers. Her idea whereas put some in disbelief, there were some who got highly offended by it. 

The Expert

paleoBeing a health and wellness coach Shannon knows a great deal about the foodstuff along with their merits and demerits. She has had her entire life moving around the human body and their food requirements. That is why she knows very well what kind of food is good for humans or not. She got on Paleo when she reached her adulthood and now she was putting her own daughter on that diet even when she is just an infant.       

A Health Nut

paleoAs they say with a bigger position comes the bigger responsibilities. Shannon was all set to take the responsibilities of a mother. And when she brought her little angel to the world, she made a promise to herself. The baby girl was going to have a very extraordinary childhood. She had planned everything for her. From her wardrobe to her food. Shannon who herself was very conscious about her food, decided to put her little angel on a strict diet.   

Gut Health


Well, just like you, her decision baffled many people. Who puts a newborn on a diet? Was the girl overweight? No, she wasn’t! Shannon chose the Paleo diet for her daughter. Shannon herself was on the Paleo diet for a big part of her adult life. Shannon, who used to call herself “gut health enthusiast,” had decided to not to feed her daughter foods that are overly processed. She also sidelined the preserved baby food. Instead of it all, she chose the healthy and natural food.