The ingredients of diets determine our level of exposure to the risk they bear. In some cases, these ingredients could be prepared by frying in saturated fats. A nutritionist will guide your diet plans and avert the danger of junk snacks.

Hot Dogs

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It’s better to skip a meal of hot dog sausages and satisfy your cravings with a bag of crunchy almond nuts. Hot dogs are processed meats with unhealthy fats (trans-fats). There’s a high risk of colon cancer when you indulge in the consumption of processed meats.

Sweetened Cereals

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The ideal cereal diet that nutritionists recommend is whole grain cereal because of the low-sugar content. However, food vendors prepare flavored instant oatmeal and sweetened cereals from refined sugar.

Veggie Puffs Or Chips

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Ensure to read the food product label before consuming Veggie chips. There might be starchy add-ons like potato flour, rice flour or starch as the major ingredient. However, fresh veggies are low in calorie than these starchy ingredients.


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Doughnuts are commonly made from refined white flour that is sourced from GMO farms. Refined white flours are high glycemic foods that spike blood sugar levels. However, doughnuts pose a greater risk to your blood pressure because they have been fried to satisfy your cravings.

Sugary Beverages

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Beverages that contain refined sugars and preservatives should be removed from our diet plans. According to the American Heart Association; the recommended daily intake of sugar is nine teaspoons for men and six for women. However, in sodas and sugary beverages; the content of sugar is higher than recommended.

Prepackaged Frozen Foods

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Salmonella infection (salmonellosis) is food poisoning, and it’s easily transmitted from repackaged frozen meals. A large chunk of these repackaged frozen meals is filled with preservatives, sodium and refined sugar. These are harmful ingredients to avoid with prepackaged frozen meals.